Recover foot stools

Recover foot stoolRepair and recover foot stools

We will make recover foot stools of any size and design, and we can even repair damaged foot stools. Contact us to get your foot stool recovered or repaired and bring new life to your old furniture!

Otherwise known as a footstool, an ottoman is a plush footrest that accompanies a couch or chair. Round or cube-shaped, this furniture is usually upholstered in fabric or leather and often overstuffed, like a backless armchair. Highly versatile, ottomans can easily serve as extra seating for guests. Some of them even have removable tops so they double as storage chests.

Foot rest, Pouffe or Ottomans have been around for years to give extra comfort and dress up a room that little bit extra.

Lids give the benefit of extra storage space for all those little items such as remotes and magazines, a home where they can easily be located.

Braids to co-ordinate with the fabric or leather can give extra highlights to tie in with scatter cushions.

A wide selection of stainless, timber or fabric covered legs are available with different heights to match an existing sofa are available.

Decorators have been satisfied with our services for years.

Footstools, ottomans (small or medium), entryway benches and coffee table ottomans have become the most practical pieces of furniture in today’s home. They can provide extra seating or serve as a table. They can be dressed up or pared down, adding color and texture to any room. They fit in everywhere and work with any style – traditional, modern or in between.