Auckland Upholstery Services

Do you want to recover your furniture and improve the look of your home home, workplace, boat, motorhome or caravan?

Our highly experienced, professional team can take care of your furniture’s every need.

No job is too difficult. We cover all upholstery services; boat, motorhome, caravan squabs and furniture restoration.

Choose from a wide range of fabric, vinyl and leather samples, from our own and other top fabric houses.

Re-upholstering your furniture means you can keep your favourite lounge suite or chair and customise it to suit you and your home.

Regardless of your budget, we will work with you to customise and transform your furniture and help with a furniture upholstery solution.

Know that you’re working with the best upholsterer in Auckland!

Specials this month:

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4 good reasons to get your furniture reupholstered:

  1. Good quality furniture is expensive – by re-upholstering you are making an investment.
  2. People often want to keep hold of furniture they may have inherited. Or they may regard their sofa or chair as a well loved friend.
  3. If the furniture is a branded name, then re-upholstering makes very good sense. Parker Knoll, Bridge Craft, Christie Tyler, G Plan etc are all examples of good quality furniture. You would have paid a reasonable amount of money for these pieces. They tend to last and are often very comfortable.
  4. Experience shows they just don’t make it like they used to.